Duplicate Records 2013

Oooooooooooooold school sounding death metal from the morbid underground of Norway, that's what you'll face when blasted by the new 7" from Mabuse! Loads of Possessed and Master influences abound as the thrashy sounding opener Approach The Beyond.  The vocals are wild and ravenous while the guitars sound like a buzzing saw.  The riffs slash and the drums stab with murderous glee.  The underground rage of early Death can be smelled like a musty rancor on Mabuse's songwriting.  Morbid, plodding riffs open Unholy Living Dead and then a feverish assault of rotten guitars surges forward.  A Swedish/Autopsy feel takes over the slower passages towards this song's innards.  The title-track kicks in with much the same savagery.  The speedy tempo and buzzing guitars spray blood and gore like an unholy ritual gone wrong.  The final track is a cover of Morbus Chron's modern classic, Death Strikes.  The production quality dips a little compared to the other tracks on the 7", but this only serves to make this dirtier, filthier which suits Morbus Chron's brutally macabre approach.  This is truly one of the best death metal 7"s I have heard in a long time.  The fetid stench of rot and decay drenches each and every note of this really old styled death metal EP.  Mabuse have freshened up that which was dead, yet it's still putrid to its eviscerated core.