Noizemongers For Goatserpent

Crucial Blast 2013

California's blackened noize mongers, Enbilulugugal have vomited forth the ultimate collection of destructive and chaotic obliteration.  This two disk set explores the entirety of Enbilulugugal's early years and demos and absolutely overwhelms you with the sheer amount of black metal tainted noise that have seeped out from the fissures of hell.  If you are unfamiliar with Enbilulugugal then be prepared to be torched by waves of white noise smeared with black metal and distorted vocals.  Disk 1 is comprised of the original Noizemongers For Goatserpent album and the remixes.  It totals 58 tracks of pure sonic destruction.  Imagine if you will Gorgoroth meets early Beherit and then they spend the whole night watching white noise on the TV set.  It's madness, complete and utter madness.  Washed out vocal screeches serve as the voice for Enbilulugugal and the riffs are buried in a blanket of fuzzed out production that destroys any semblance of organized and listenable music.  Return To Hellrokken Goatsex uses rhythmic guitar and the constant distorted hiss of drums to overrun you with their feral ferocity.  Mashshanebbu utilizes a thrashier foundation for its blasphemous assault.  Goatoplasm is swirling fuzz textures overridden by demented laughter and bizarre high-pitched tones.  Taking a more traditional approach, Gorging Hellspam thrusts midtempo rhythms upon your mind and you will find it is barely all you can handle.  UGH.  Disk 2 is a selection of EPs and demos and compilation tracks, all put together in one spot for your sheer audial annihilation.  They follow the same blueprint as the first disk and it is nothing more than a powerdrill to your ear drum.  Enbilulugugal is an acquired taste.  You really have to be in the mood to submit yourself to the sonic carnage on display with this 2 CD set.  At times i feel it is too much for my ears to handle and my mind to process.  Other times I feel it is too primitive.  Really this is brutal savagery on a musical level.  Complete sonic apocalypse and you have to be prepared to endure this album.