Excrementum Luciferi
Nos Inducas Tuum Fetidness 

Cold Raw Records 2014

Salt Lake City's solitary black metal isolationist, Excrementum Luciferi slashes through the Xtian veil with its debut demo/EP.  The release starts with an intro of totalitarian nihilism comprised of authoritarian samples and layered, destructive noise titled, Defecration.  Then the true beast is unmasked on the first real track, The Great God Pain.  Fuzzed out, buzzing guitars and an inhospitable wall of blasting, trebly guitars and echoing vocals assaults your senses.  Traditional riff patterns with a Nordic slant can be discerned beneath the murk.  Procession To The Primordial Mound announces itself through distorted samples and an atmospheric midtempo riff.  There is a dogged determination behind the rhythm.  The vocals are warped with filth and serve as a counter to the surprisingly soothing, and classy melodic guitar lead.  I did take not of an awkward guitar break at the 4:09 mark which interrupted the flow of the song.  The title-track has a bit of a Burzum feel to it mixed with a bit of Hellhammer-ish primitivism.  The main riff has a triumphant feel to it and settles into periods of atmospheric coldness accentuated by cymbal rides.  The riffs chug, but sound somewhat loose in their execution, a rehearsal-ish texture to the overall song which I think the production has to do with.  Perhaps the most cohesive track on the whole demo is Protoplasmic Genesis.  I think this is mainly due to the speed of the track which captures the energy of the band and pushes distractions to the side.  All together, there are a couple issues I have, some of the songwriting isn't as smooth as it could be and the vocals tend to dominate the tracks, plus there is a tad too much fuzz in the production for me.  However this is a solid demo that certainly has me intrigued.