All Pigs Must Die     

Nothing Violates This Nature

Southern Lord 2013

Boston's metallic hardcore fanatics, All Pigs Must Die, strike with deadly intent on their sophomore album.  With Nothing Violates This Nature APMD are caught taking a defensive position on the higher ground between Entombed's Clandestine and Wolverine Blues along with healthy doses of hardcore aesthetics.  Down-tuned devastation and bone-shattering brutality reign as Chaos Arise ascends from the deathened abyss.  The guitars saw away aggressively and the track hurtles with destructive velocity.  Stopping on a dime the track then shifts into deep, near melodies so characteristic of the Stockholm scene.  The speed and passion doesn't fade on iota as Silencer gets underway.  You can hear references to Dismember in the song, but with a more caustic edge and a more hardcore dynamic.  Bursts of drumming savagery color the fabric of the track.  Primitive Fear unloads a lethal volley of near-black metal speed in its first few seconds but then drops into a midtempo groove that is caught between Slapshot and Stockholm.  The stomping rhythms of the track collapse into a exhausted feedback.  This flows directly into the acoustic opening of Bloodlines.  That is quickly swallowed by meatier grooves and cold, melodic accents.  The acoustic guitar pierces the veil of throbbing down-tuned brutality and then recedes into the background.  Helmet-esque rhythms punctuate the initial segment of Holy Plague.  We are treated to perhaps the most hardcore portion of the album on this song as it smacks around its fists on those guitars only to spew forth warp-speed devastation.  The guitar lead that streaks across the latter half of the song is melodic and soulful as it warbles in its emotional outpouring.  Aqim Siege is a straight-ahead, unbridled exercise in butchery, even as it ends in a hardcore breakdown.  The final track, Articles Of Human Weakness, unleashes a flurry of flowing riffs and abrasive vocals.  A hammering wall of guitars lurch into rolling drums and Neurosis-ish riffs and near mechanical affects.  All Pigs Must Die are better, bolder, and more merciless than ever.  Nothing Violates This Nature is pure sonic aggression, audio violence incarnate.  It's a guitar based hammer to the eardrums.