Odium Totus    

Nullam Congue Nihil
Blasphemic Hymns

Odium Totus represents the totalitarian offspring of Ibex Throne/Iconoclast Contra mastermind, Dyingnysus and differs from both of those efforts in that it is oppressive black metal with doom and death accents.  A driving, punishing riff and dray as hell vocal line cruise towards the enemy like a slow motion cavalry assault on Caecus Symbolorum.  Then the tempo erupts into a full on charge.  The riffs have the effect of dragging and a mournful solo flows out across the song's structure.  Cold, astral riffs rise like comets across the sky as the song continues along its warped arc.  There is a definite cosmic feel about the guitar style present here.  A necrotic fuzz permeates the opening blasts of Orgy Of Self Worship.  A midtempo flow overtakes the song with deep ponderings on black metal essence.  Passages of undulating riffs and hammering drums wash away the song's structure before it settles into an segment of alternating blasts and nebulous free-form black metal.  None Are Equal bury you beneath waves of drum blasts and circular midtempo patterns.  Warbling, forlorn leads fly out before the main riff explodes upon your eardrums for an apocalyptic effect.  The final track, Victori Praeda slithers like a serpent before speeding forth like the breath of a dragon.  The tempo is magnificently intense and crushingly gloomy at the same time.  The guitars reach a point where they shimmer like a mirage in the distance only to fade into midtempo slavery.  Odium Totus takes American black metal dogma and fleshes it out, washes it away and builds upon a foundation of astral doom and death metal blasts.  This is an album that is both contemplative and suffocating in its oppression.  It looks deeply across the universe while scorching everything it sees with eternal hellfire.