Quid Est Veritas Productions

Poland's cult black metallers, Primal have gone deeper into realms of obscurity and darkness on their new album, Obled.  After an entrancing intro, terror-inducing buzzsaw guitars trample the listener on I Wszystko Bylo Dobre.  The riffs trill in their climax before the track drifts into epic melodic passages that speak of infernally vast winterlands.  After another determined segment of pounding drums the track twists slowly into a mesmerizing dance of disorienting near melodies and throbbing riffs.  Echoing shards of guitar and the cold breath of fuzzy riffs cast a pall across you as Proznia begins.  It settles into a midtempo groove brimming with morbidity similar to early Samael.  And the vocals are pure death.  However the song spills forth upward arcing melody which is smashed by faster blasts of black metal.  At the 3:41 mark an icy pillar of guitar looms heavily over you like mountain peaks in the distance.  The last minute of the song is a droning, rotating noise pattern that oppresses all your senses.  However Wojna strikes hard and fast with a battering beat and forceful riffs.  The ghoulish vocals continue to give the music an unearthly texture.  The track drops its pace and bizarre synth patterns flood in for a haunting experience and an ominous lead flows across the song's structure.  Large rolling riffs flourish in the early portions of Jak Groby Owarte.  Then a forlorn lead fills the listener's heart with a sense of nostalgia before being cast aside by stern black metal riffs.  The final track, Egzorcyzm, utilizes a cold, Nordic melody to freeze your soul before the pounding of the drums drives home the oppressiveness of death.  The riffs start to drag and lurch forward, like a corpse crawling towards its prey.  Primal create an album of organic origins that is both morbid and evil as well as epic and filled with hints of pagan glory.