Mass Burial    

Of Carrion And Pestilence

Total Stockholm death metal worship from the Iberian Peninsula.  Mass Burial strikes with muddy brutality and down-tuned decay on their debut album.  The speedy assault of the title-track reeks of old school Swedish death and if I didn't know any better, I would swear this was part of the first wave of Stockholm death.  Muddy guitars and rotting vocals surge forward like a tidal wave of fetid blood as the song continues its vehement destruction.  The guitar solos have that clear, sorrowful tone to them and create a nostalgic atmosphere within the song.  Intense Genital Punishment delivers a pounding beat that is merciless.  The vocals and Sunlight studio sounding riffs lacerate your flesh as the drums gallop along.  The layered vocal approach brings to mind some bonus tracks from Left Hand Path.  Tomb Desecrator shreds with sweeping hollow riffs that churn like a rusty buzzsaw.  The ghosts of Carnage and Nihilist are reanimated as the song ambles along, dripping moldering innards.  Belches of speed and hammering drums are countered by melodic leads and chugging breaks on Mass Burial.  The more rhythmic and buzzing approach of Post War Psychosis brings to mind Edge of Sanity's Unorthodox.  The vocals however are ghoulish rasps straight from the grave.  Deathlike Dream uses demented synth and the theme song for Nightmare on Elm Street to haunt your subconscious before injecting a bouncy set of riffs into the song's framework for a somewhat atmospheric effect.  The song then shifts into some toe tapping grooves that abruptly end.  However Virulent Infestation erupts into violent aggression before morphing into meaty Dismember-esque riff patterns.  On their debut album Mass Burial have taken a heartfelt love for old school Swedish death metal and twisted it into a bursting pustule of festering gore that will corrupt the blackened hearts of all fans of the genre.  If your soul yearns for a Dark Recollections Part 2, then look no further.