Onward To The Pits 

Hells Headbangers 2012

Norway's wildest beasts, Deathhammer have unleashed an album of feral thrash that is unmatched in its loose energy.  Onward To The Pits represents their greatest album to date and is virtually foaming at the mouth as each song gets underway.  The album starts with Deathrashing Sacrifice and already the streets are on fire with what is likely Deathhammer's fastest track ever.  Bursts of speed and sawing riffs slice through the night air like a bloody machete.  Salsten is at his rabid best with crazed vocals spewing forth from his lips.  Up next is Voodoo Rites and the songwriting ups the memorabilty of each riff without giving an inch in the intensity department!  Each riff and each drum lines hurtles out of the speaker, barely in control yet completely coherent.  One of my all time favorite songs is up next, Fullmoon Sorcery!  Salsten attacks the vocals, belting out falsetto accents to completely bestial rasps.  The main riff drives forward at breakneck speed and then drops into an insane midtempo groove that brings to mind a demo version of Slayer.  The guitars pick up for one of the best riffs Deathhammer have ever written at the 2:14 mark.  Total destruction!  My favorite song this diabolical duo has ever penned appears towards the end of the album under the guise of Seduced By The Flames.  This track not only illustrates Deathhammer's deeper, more mature approach to songwriting but also their uncanny ability to thrash out with reckless abandon.  The song opens with a bouncing riff and then drops into some brooding guitarwork.  At the 1:15 mark a riff that brings to mind a rawer version of Slayer's Crionic kicks in.  They manage to maintain a sense of controlled rage on the song yet you still feel seething anger just waiting to be set loose upon the world.  With Onward To The Pits Deathhammer have once again unchained the bestial hordes and set them loose upon the earth.  Everything is scorched by the blasphemous hellfire of their thrashing guitars and wild beats.  It's as if this album is barely able to control its murderous energy.  You can feel it in every track, like any second they will erupt like a mountainous volcano and lay waste to the earth.  This may just be the thrash album of the year!!!