Architect Of Disease   

Open The Hearts

End Of Time Records 2013

Poland's lords of metallic oppression, Architect Of Disease, deliver an album of twisted and deathly obscurity with their debut.  After a shrill initial squeal on Leviathan Prayer we are immediately struck by darkened metallic riffs and dry, gruff vocals that arc into a bit of epic pacing and arcane atmosphere.  The track falls somewhere between Astral Sleep era Tiamat and Blood Ritual era Samael.  And you will find this parallel exists on all the remaining tracks as well.  Anyways, the song drifts into vistas of openly flowing guitars and plodding riffs.  Bones Regine however kicks it into high gear with intense and frantic riffs that bring on a sense of hysteria before dropping into a slower, marching groove.  The intensity picks up once again only to increase the melodic accents at the same time.  At the 1:34 mark I hear faint echoes of Darkthrone's A Blaze album, but with a thicker, more rough style.  The guitar soloing and the midtempo flow of the riffs seems to hypnotize me.  The opening passages of Blaze Of Havoc brings to mind Twin Obscenity for some reason.  It's the snowy, forested imagery that I draw the comparison from.  The black n roll riff that ushers in the second portion of the song relinquishes its control to a fast, melodic section and a blasting, chaotic explosion.  A beefy, bass driven riff hammers away at you on Without Divine Intervention.  Shades of Katatonia style riffage are melded to a thicker, more Samael-esque song style before being overtaken by quick death metal-ish blasts.  A more menacing and in-your-face set of riffs confront your ears as Rejection Of The World begins.  After lightning intense riff flurries you are swallowed by an army of midtempo crushers and eruptions of aggression.  The final, 15-minute song, Devour The Sun drags and scrapes out meaty riffs and melodic embellishments on to lapse into more epic feeling segments that loosely remind me of Rotting Christ's early work.  Architect Of Disease is a diverse and varied band that bring many images of important underground entities without making me feel like I am listening to, nor directly referencing them.  Open The Hearts captures my attention and never loosens its grasp despite giving nods to ancient gods.  I feel like these influences are modernized, buried and resurrected into something completely new.  Definitely spend some time with Architect Of Disease if you value alone time with quality music.