Aura Noir 
Out To Die 

Indie Recordings 2012

The new album from Norway's Aura Noir is a lethal dose of tough-as-nails street thrash!  Out To Die is setting my ears on fire and hasn't left my player since I got it.  UGH!  One of the things you will notice on Out To Die is the tempo seems to made an overall increase from previous albums which is exemplified by the scorching notes of album opener, Trenches.  Blistering riffs and demonic vocals shatter bones before them as the drums hurtle headlong into a chaotic tornado.  The Chugging stomp of Fed To the Flames brings to mind a speedier, sawing version of Black Metal Jaw.  Then the slow-motion epilepsy of the chorus kicks in.  The song carries an imposing attitude filled with venom and spite.  Next up is the warbling Destruction-esque opening riff of Abbadon.  The track quickly erupts into a blackened thrash assault reminiscent of their early days.  Abbadon shifts gears into a reverse Celtic Frost riff which is sliced right through by one of Blasphemer's maniacally classy guitar solos.  My favorite track on the album however is when Aura Noir drop into low gear with the midtempo grumble of The Grin From The Gallows.  Blasphemer continues to spray feverish guitar solos while the toe-tapping power of the song leaves you battered and bruised.  Priest's Hellish Fiend is a groove-laden rumbler with elements of Slayer and Venom.  Blasphemer's guitar solo on the song is the best of the album.  The guitars chug and churn like a clenched fist to the gut.  A confident demeanor is felt in the very fabric of this rockin' song while the vocals are rabid.  Fat sawing riffs usher in the title-track.  The song bristles with menace while the drums hiss and the guitars hum like an engine.  Then the music explodes into violent speed for straight-ahead, black-thrashing aggression.  Out To Die takes the previous works of Aura Noir and ups the ante.  It is perhaps not as good to me as Hades Rise, but that is splitting hairs because this album blazes with infernal thrash intensity and leaves me ravenous for more!!!