Promo 2010

Godz Ov War 2010

Polish black death legends have returned after 3 years of relative silence with a 2 song "taster" for their forthcoming album Misanthropy.  And what does modern day Pandemonium have to offer us?  Crushing yet mature black death, well developed and thought out songs.  While stylistically different I get a similar feeling to modern Celtic Frost/Triptykon.  That is, walls of guitar with complex arrangements and lots of varying effects layered into the mix.  Up first is Black Forest, angular dissonance rises from the din of crunching guitars and whirling drums.  intricate cymbal work and waving fretwork announce God Delusion's arrival.  A plodding pace with an almost Morbid Angel-esque throb to the guitars forms the core of the song.  The Morbid Angel influence surfaces more fully at one point in the song with a thick stop/start set of riffs and catchy harmonics.  This particular section at the 2:47 mark sounds subtle yet feels complex.  Paul's vocals are forceful and gruff and complement the muscular riffs and full production of the songs.  With such commanding material on this promo I look forward to the new album from Pandemonium who have rightfully achieved a legendary status.