Quid Est Veritas Productions 2011

Polish black from this misanthrope churns with rumbling darkness on the debut album from Primal.  Diabolic riffs with a hollow tone to them invoke an atmosphere of grinding obscurity as Angel's Hatred gets underway.  A calm, atmospheric passage is conjured up with melodic guitars and ambient synth before the track pics up with an interesting rhythm.  A somber undulation from the guitars sets the mood on Wrath Of God.  The emotion of the song lies along the lines of climaxing contempt.  The songwriting incorporates brooding slow passages with faster, groovier sections.  There is a definite late-night feel to this music.  There is an unnamed instrumental which is a maddening twist of bass guitar stumbling, quite effective.  This leads directly into Book Of Revelation which picks up a bit in the overall pacing of the music.  There is also a noticeable rise in the domineering attitude of the song.  It definitely glares down on the listener before opening up into mildly melodic textures that create a melancholic and cold feeling within the song.  Son Of The Morning brings the album to its conclusion with fragile acoustic guitar before pillars of buzzing guitars and stone-hard vocals grind away at my ears.  The plodding riffs and wild guitar solos during the song combine for a layer of dimentia within the composition.  As its foundation Primal has a rumbling rhythmic approach that is almost like a black metal version of Boltthrower.  Of course the songs are imbued with a subterranean feel to them and the melodic and atmospheric elements further contribute to a misanthropic feel from the music.