Rape Your God and Pray for Reprieve

Self Released 2010

The debut album from this Russian black death band is a force of destruction!  Unbelievable speed and devastating riffs obliterate the listener while you are simultaneously stabbed by shards of dissonance.  Immediately your ears are assaulted by intense drums that are relentless to the point of being oppressive on Crucifixion - His Blessing.  And that is a good thing.  KH's vocals are deep, grim and guttural.  A searing melody clashes with moments of disharmony that bring to mind Mayhem.  Nails As The Weapon of Hatred undulates with its tempo but the insistent hammering of the snare drum remind you of the philosophical foundation for this crushing avalanche of death.  Insane speed and a tremolo melody slice away your flesh.  A moment of muted synth is walled in between unyielding blasts of rhythmic aggression on Completing Myself.  Ambient darkness of distant textures and washed out choirs introduces the triumphant eruption of drums and guitars on Tortured By Razors.  And then a surprise moment of calm, clear acoustic guitar surfaces before being wiped away by dissonant riffs and rumbling pulses of drums.  What Are My Veins Exhaling begins a controlled extermination of all survivors through its calculated use of dramatic tempo changes and angled riffs.  Hyper intensity and unsettling fear incinerate all feeble flesh as anti-melodies and relentless drum blasts are unleashed like armageddon on VII.  And once again, a momentary respite of delicate acoustic guitar shines like a ray of light upon a shattered and barren earth before the apocalypse begins anew.  The album comes to a close with a cover of AntaeuS' Blood War III.  Odem's style of blackened death is akin to a wall of volcanic stone and ash that burns away your humanity while smashing your frail body.  Rape Your God... is a grim and merciless supernova of speed and destruction.