Abigail / Evil

Raw Black Thrashing Madness Split 7"

Genocide Aesthetics 2009

Geographically distant, these two bands are united in an ethos for raw and rockin' black metal.  First up is Japan's underrated Abigail with Hammer of Damnation.  This track sounds like Bathory at their most venom-esque or Venom at their most Bathory-esque.  Grim, stone hard vocals course over the rockin' metal riffage and a ropey bass line.  A melody sweeps through the track at points and stands as a contrast against that rough and dirty Venom-ish rock.  Coming next is Brazil's Evil, who basically have the same idea on their track Iron Tyranny.  Raw and filthy riffs that display black metal at its most rock-oriented roots for the song's core.  A little more primitive and straight-forward than Abigail but still just as effective, Evil's track is perhaps somewhat more aggressive too with its driving pace.  Rock tainted black metal riffs are buried in fuzz and married to raspy vocals.  Sawing guitars with a Motorhead influenced main riff greet you as the track pummels your ears.  This split 7" is perfectly suited to savage ears of the rock oriented black metal fan that enjoys seeing their artists wearing their influences on their patch-covered sleeves.  Rock hard!!!!!!!