Mortal Slaughter

Destiny / Roots of Evil

Thrashing Madness 2010

Poland has a way with excreting thrashy death metal with a cryptic underground feel and Mortal Slaughter is no exception.  Thrashing Madness as made the correct decision to put out both of Mortal Slaughter's demos on CD.  Up first is the 7 tracks from their Destiny demo from 91.  after an eerie riff, You're Finding Yourself explodes like a nailbomb into rapid drums and frantic riffs.  Keyboards add a chilling effect to the rumbling riffs and dry-throat scrapings on Faith.  A certain similarity to Schizophrenia era Sepultura can be felt but Mortal Slaughter always injects some classier melodic leadwork into the boiling cauldron.  A Barbaric Sarcofago riff sprays fire like a flamethrower as the instrumental Schizophrenia begins its onslaught.  Slayer-esque breaks hit like a shotgun blast to the chest before more relentless speed rushes out of the speakers.  The track then drifts into the surreal with angelic synth and crystalline acoustic guitar.  Anger simmers and then growls to life on Sin.  Providing the meat of the track are thrashy galloping riffs which roar like a bear as it attacks.  The demo's high point comes on the haunting Masterful Religions.  The South of Heaven styled opening riff is shredded by the frenzied drumming and sawing guitars that come immediately afterward.  Boasting an even more underground production with more guttural vocals is the band's 90 demo, Roots of Evil.  the demo's first track War boasts a Show No Mercy-esque(think: Black Magic) riff that leaves no prisoners before its unholy death thrash assault gains full steam.  This Slayer theme continues on in the track that bears the same name as the band.  Live and Death's beginning stage is a maniacal death march, though a primitive animosity is displayed in its thunderous middle.  Roots of Evil is a less polished but no less deadly display of Mortal Slaughter's brand of death thrash.  Comparisons to early Brazilian bands can be made but their is a less bestial feel to Mortal Slaughter's work though it is still just as harsh and aggressive.  If you are fiend obsessed with harsh and underground death metal from the early 90s then this unpolished diamond of Polish destruction will find a place within your desiccated corpse.