Satan Alpha Omega

Hells Headbangers 2012

The Philippines is not known as a hotbed for black metal devastation, but after the new album from Deiphago that might change.  I mean if there is anything left of that place other than ashes.  After ominous air raid sirens, the real destruction gets underway on Human Race Absolute End.  The track is the true embodiment of violent speed and chaotic annihilation.  Hyper blasts of speed and merciless riffs are sprayed at the listener like a salvo of unfeeling artillery.  The style is reminiscent of a cross between Canada's Revenge and America's Angelcorpse.  Heretic Oath continues on with the wholesale slaughter of all things holy.  Insane speed coupled with minute bouts of groove and a millisecond of ambient noise.  The drums on this album are nothing short of utter carnage.  The bass guitar that gurgles it way to the forefront on Plague and Satan Triumphant summons a feeling of grind not unlike bands of Regurgitate's ilk.  Satan Mongers has the feel of a sped-up Deicide with its deathly ruination.  Frenzied beats and riffs fly at the listener with fiery cruelty! And speaking of those Satanic Floridians, an outstanding cover of Deicide's Crucifixation is executed by these heretical musicians and fits in nicely with the maliciousness of the rest of the album.  Though I would say there is quite a bit more "catchiness" to the track than with the rest of the material presented on Satan Alpha Omega.  Deiphago will certainly appeal to the discerning tastes of those who flock to the likes of Revenge/Conqueror.  Though there is the tiniest hint of death metal present on this album that is not present on either of the bands I just mentioned.  Prepare for the aggressive firestorm that is Deiphago as they sweep the earth in their sacrilegious wrath.