See You In Valhall
Black Tears

After a beautiful and serene intro of synth and string, we are rolled over by the heavy, mid-tempo riffs of Italy's Viking metal warriors, Icethrone.  Cursed By the Varg delivers a galloping, well paced and moving dose of death metal.  There is a mild, epic quality to the song and at times I am reminded of the songwriting of Unleashed, though sonically this is not too similar to the ears.  Fearless, really injects riffs that are catchy and a groove that rolls like waves in the sea.  The chugging breakdown at the song's core breaks into a black metal-esque blast that rips and tears at your flesh.  Acoustic guitar opens My Sorrow adding a nostalgic and epic tone to the song before rumbling mid-tempo death metal surges into battle.  Majestic, yet simple synth on Pleasure Of Hel brings to mind Windir, but with a meatier death metal rhythm that just crushes the listener as the guitars unleash their assault.  More black metal-ish blasts ravage the sonic landscape and are punctuated by triumphant grooves and subdued keyboards.  Red Giant Slayer rumbles with menace and purpose and conjures comparison to Boltthrower as seen through an Unleashed prism.  The track then breaks into spoken words and samples accentuated by a melodic lead.  The album concludes with acoustic guitar and a sense of sorrow on the instrumental, Farewell.  Icethrone's second album is a well written ode to the glorious and violent Viking era as translated through superior death metal.  There's nothing too flashy on See You In Valhall, but the riffs are memorable and the songwriting is confident like a Viking commander surveying the battlefield.