Gravecode Nebula
Sempiternal Void  

Blasphemic Hymns 2014

Salt Lake City's resident lords of oppressive doom death have returned with their debut album and this one leaves nothing but faded stars in its wake.  Bloodcraft To Andromeda it but a portent of the crushing nihilism to come.  Long, lingering riffs with deep reverberating sub bass thunders through your body as the track begins.  The vocals are cold and dead and enhance the ceremonial deep-space texture of the song.  Thick, undulating riffs encounter sharp blasts of drums and then stream into a full onslaught as the song progresses.  Then it drops back into valleys of muddy sludge that choke you until it flows towards blackened atmosphere.  The isolated, ropey bass ushers in a period of massive, throbbing riffs.  CRUSHING!  Starting in a similar fashion, The Frozen Sun (Does Not Support Life) is somewhat amorphous with its initial guitarwork and drums that blast and then collapse into a slow, pounding rhythm that mirrors the riffs.  Speedy black metal aggression flies across the fabric of the song and then relapses into midtempo grooves of sludgy carnage.  Then the cycle repeats.  Spooky synth calms me down as Lunar Dionysian lumbers into ethereal doom death.  The plodding pace and gargantuan riffs lend a funeral doom accent to the track.  The vocals are lifeless and cold and suit the somber mood of the song.  The pace quickens and a blackened essence pulses through each weighty throb of the guitars before succumbing to a near-melodic bend of the songwriting.  In the latter half of the song a Darkthrone-ish groove takes over, albeit the influence is slightly masked by the tar soaked guitar production.  A calm, celestial feel rolls through the vast soundscapes of Lethal Aether.  Near-melodic flourishes circulate across the arcs of the slower riffs while a noisy turbulence arises every time it speeds up.  The track is dominated plodding doom segments that bring to mind a middle ground between Winter and Autopsy.  Freezing blasts of black metal erupt from the abyssic void as the song blooms into its cyclopean grandeur.  Gravecode Nebula extinguishes stars with their deep-space doom death.  The riffs blot out light with their weight and the songs resonate with an anti-life vibe.  Sempiternal Void is a crushing debut that transports the listener to the cold and lifeless void.