Sickened By The Holy Host/The Grand Master Sessions

Hells Headbanger Records 2012

Cult American black metallers Profanatica have unearthed two classic recordngs from this blasphemous horde.  The first session is Sickened By The Holy Host.  This 13 track dose on heretical black metal is stylistically somewhere between the Nordic scene and the Canadian onslaught of Blasphemy.  So basically it has chaotic elements of blasting black metal while retaining some of the cold riffing style of their early Scandinavian peers.  This is evidenced by Jehovah Fading which is meatier than one might expect with its thick bass guitar and scratchy vocals.  A rhythmic blasting rises on Holy Trinity Done.  Near the end of the song it drops into a doomy, plodding pace that is a funeral march for all religion.  Only death remains.  Weird contortions of the guitar usher in a vomit stream of midtempo black metal nihilism on God Blessed Them.  The song explodes momentarily as it ends though this only prepares you for the blasting furnace of satanic extremity that is Your Crucifixion, Your Death.  On the first half of this release each song is a focused, straight-ahead affair.  No frills and the core of the song remains pretty much the same from beginning to end.  The second half of this side of the release is the same songs but with a thinner, treblier production which makes it even more obscure and occult sounding.  After that, we have The Grand Master Sessions side of the release which is a live in the studio recording session.  The intro on this side is decidedly more ominous and Lynchian in its texture.  This recording takes some classic Profanatica cuts and fleshes them out in a 2008 setting of increased demonization and urgency, mainly due to the live recording.  Pounding drums and overwhelming vocals accompany the fatter sounding guitars of these tracks.  Profanatica are an experience in blasphemy.  I can think of no band that better embodies that word.  These recordings further serve to emphasize this aspect of one of America's true source of anti-Xtian propaganda.  Raw, traditional black metal at its unholy best, Long live the cult of Profanatica!