Sic Transit Gloria Mvndi

Flenser Records 2010

Deep, dark American black metal with an atmosphere of anti-life creeps and shudders to life on the debut album from Necrite.  Slowly and menacingly Mass For The harvest Of Death invokes feelings of cold lifelessness through its doom-laden dissonance and funeral pacing.  As the track crawls along the mood increases in its oppressive suffocation until it explodes into blasting black metal riffs.  Constant drum rolls and blinding speed conjure a whirlwind of fury.  Lightning riffs at the 11:30 mark stab like a spear.  At times I am reminded of Deathspell Omega, but without the orchestral flourishes.  More slow horror-inducing instrumentation initiates Bereft Of Hope.  Thrull's vocals sound uncaring and distant in their deep bellowing style.  The track alternates between hyperspeed riffing and eerie, crawling tempos.  In this manner your mind is either or assaulted or filled with terror.  Towards the 11 minute mark there is a set of disharmonic riffs that bring to mind Blut Aus Nord's eccentric style.  But the song quickly ends and instantly jumps into Bathing Open Wounds With Shards of Glass.  This first half of the song is relentlessly fast, barely ever letting you catch your breath.  It slows towards the middle though and ushers in a cacophony of drum work.  Worship The Sunn ((o)) completed the album with a heavy dose of abyssic drone doom.  The guitars throb in the darkness while angelic Gregorian chant dwells faintly in the background.  For me, the song represents complete and utter sonic annihilation.  Necrite's debut album is cold and cruel.  One is filled with the impression that all life is leaving the universe.  Sic Transit Gloria Mvndi is a terrifying album of complete death worship.