Sleep Tall
Fysisk Format

Norway's newest hardcore/punk upstarts, Haraball, have suckerpunched me with their new album.  The album treads that fine line between punk and hardcore with their style.  Just listen to the album's opener Well, That Passed.  It hits with speedy riffs and a fat chorus that stomps along.  A rock sound permeates periods within the song.  Meat N Spirit blasts away but each riff is punctuated by a punky guitar accent before the whole song swings into a rockin' rhythm replete with gang vocals.  Jeremy Smoked is all about a rock vibe as the guitars bring to mind a cross between the old hardrock band Junkyard and their punk progenitors, Dag Nasty.  A fist pounding anthem, On The Bridge pummels the listener with a determined groove and a near-melodic build-up at the end.  The track drags out into some killer angelic synth and a lingering guitar note.  The title-track broods and then explodes into a hailstorm of aggression and noisy riffs.  The vocals come at you like bullets spit from a gun until the song drops into more contemplative guitarwork.  A total oldschool punks onslaught drops into chugging hardcore riffs on My Douche.  Model Prisoner has a snotty attitude to it which embodies the punk ethos.  But I also hear crossover elements in there that remind me of Dr Know.  The song collapses into a guitar squeal and toe-tapping beat before rising with meaty, angry riffs.  A violent explosion of hardcore starts out Hair In My Soup.  Then the song lapses into a slower, more powerful set of riffs which carry the track on to its conclusion.  With a more crossover style, At The Clinic's opening riffs scream Excel's I Never Denied.  Bonus tracks on the CD are the 4 tracks from The Rope 7" and the 4 tracks from the Frowns Vs. Downs 7".  So you are definitely getting your money's worth with this album.  Haraball takes Norwegian hardcore and updates the sound by melding punk, hardcore and rock into a energetic and anger fueled machine!