Fysisk Format 2012

Imagine if you will, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost as a punk band and then you will get some sort of idea of what to expect from these dirty Norwegian deathsters!  Like a filthy steamroller with fat, fuzzed guitars that buzz like an engine the first track, No Ouroboros, rolls over you.  Straight-ahead and with a single-minded punk beat you get hammered into oblivion, especially by the pounding black metal riffs that rise at the 2:30 mark.  A throbbing guitar gives way to simplistic and barbaric riffs that demolish the listener with their subterranean chugging on the title-track.  Strange, discordant strangulations shatter the primitive riffing as the next song rears its ugly head.  Any doubt about the influence of the Swiss gods Hellhammer over this sinister stew are completely dispelled once you hear the riff that lurches forward at the 1:05 point of the song.  The vocals even draw a strong resemblance here.  Dreamlike musical meanderings and rolling drums create an ethereal atmosphere for the remainder of the track.  A punk vibe permeates the Celtic Frost-esque bludgeoning of I Thought Of Demons.  The track then drops into fluttering bass weirdness that is pierced by a more boisterous rock passage.  Doomy riffs, like Sabbath's mutant offspring, loom like atomic ash clouds on Acid Eagle One.  Like the insistent footstep of a stalker, the beat and bass tap behind your consciousness as the song draws towards a close.  A total black metal riff glares out at you from under its rusty crown on We So Heavy.  The song is a drunk beast, slurring its riffs and dragging its vocals as it slowly, methodically hunts you down.  Blackened punk with a caveman primitiveness and a penchant for strange soundscapes is the shape of the beast that crawls out from your speakers on the new album from Oslo's Okkultokrati.  Never fear, this album will leave your mind raped and your ears ravaged.