Holy Death

Sodomy of Megido

Fallen Angel 2010

Holy Death are pillars of the Polish black metal scene, and this is the CD release of their 93 Megido demo.  Legion of Darkness gets the ritual underway with is malevolent sawing riffs and subterranean sound.  One aspect that also starts to surface on this track and becomes much more prevalent later in the demo is the doominess of Holy Death's early material.  The heavy and slow riffs of Twisted Believer summon images of early Paradise Lost as their lumbering thickness is tinted with accents of sorrow.  The song slowly unfurls a Samael-esque rhythm which is again consumed by dismal doom riffs.  After the clinking of chains sets the mood a molasses-slow riff with an eastern melody drifts in like a fog on Dark Night.  The song has a similar feel to it as Astral Sleep era Tiamat but slowed way down and stripped to its bare essence.  The song resonates with complete desolation.  The same style and mood flow through Sodomist, almost as if it is a part 2 of Dark Night.  Delicate guitar adds a layer of mysticism as the title track begins, while buried spoken vocals imbue the track with a ritualistic mood.  The destructive forces gain strength with the sinister, up-tempo thrashing of Burning Churches (instrumental).  The CD ends with an instrumental version of Fallen Angel.  Even without the vocals it remains as potent and sadistic as ever.  As expected the production is a little rough and inconsistent at times but that enhances the obscure and cryptic feeling of the recording.  Though somewhat primitive, Sodomy of Megido displays an unholy force within the Polish underground in its embryonic state.  Holy Death is still brimming with evil talent, just waiting to burst out of its prison and spread its plague across the world.