Grotesque Hysterectomy     


Hellish Records 2012

Norwegian death metal juggernauts Grotesque Hysterectomy return after a 5 year hiatus to deliver the best album to date!  Sororicide is a crusher to be sure.  Disharmonic riffs and drum rolls circulate within your cranial cavity as the title-track punches and pummels your eardrums.  Waves of guttural vocals and churning riffs continue to assault you before collapsing into a marching pace with dueling death metal throats which constantly parry and thrust against each other.  Sharp guitars and demonic, rolling riffs bulldoze the listener on Bestial Reprisal.  I hear echoes of Immolation's Dawn of Possession as the song alternately bursts forward and shifts into midtempo grooves.  Sharp dissonance and rapid-fire drums are swept under by hypnotic rotating riffs and poppy bass lines as Mannequin gets underway.  A steady structure arises from the melee and is possessed of a forward lean to the track's movement.  The bass guitar continues to make its presence felt.  The hissing cymbal ride and disorienting guitar solo that open Freak Of Nature add a sultry side to the music.  The stomping lurch of the main riff and dry vocals continue to draw comparisons to early Immolation for me.  However, the next passage in the song brings to mind Symphonies of Sickness era Carcass.  It is a slithery segment of razor sharp vocals and snapping song structures.  The final of the six tracks on this album is the monstrous Pussy Galore.  A bombastic, demented riff and a flurry of drums kicks it into high gear and then drops into the amorphous sections that alternately explode and fall apart before resurrecting the initial riff again.  Ropey bass guitar flutters in a frenzy before giving way to a speedy riff that saws away at your flesh.  Grotesque Hysterectomy's dormant corpse has been reanimated and the energy flowing through their music shows a renewed focus and creative freshness.  Sororicide represents the best material of their career and leaves Norway a land of mutilated and disfigured cadavers.