Pagan Hellfire

Spirit of Blood and Struggle 7"

Genocide Aesthetics 2010

This two song EP from solitary Canadian black metaller Incarnatus is the living, breathing resurrection of debut album era Burzum.  The 7" begins with Spoken At the Altars Distant which is a desolate song of fuzzed guitars, sorrowful shrieks and galloping drums.  The riffs drag the listener into remote regions of wild untamed forests, cold and draped in fog.  Even when the tempo is increased you still feel the mossy breath of the deep woods dripping from within those Nordic melodies.  Anthem of War, Forever to Be Sung utilizes that characteristic Burzum drumming pattern with hollow snares and constantly beating bass drums.  The ghastly vocals (in a good way) screech across the blasting drums and swaying melodies for a dramatic and epic feel.  The soaring melody that finished out the song is nostalgic and creates a mental union with pure nature.  Pagan Hellfire's is a perfect mirror to old Burzum and if your blackened and naturalistic soul craves that eerie style then Spirit of Blood and Struggle will ignite the fires within and stoke that tumultuous furnace to a blazing inferno.