Stygian Deluge

Edged Circle 2013

I am not sure what is in the water up there in Norway, but once again I am surprised by how good another in a long line of thrash bands coming from that country is.  This time it is Inculter and they are INTENSE!  The Stygian Deluge is a 4-song (3-song if you have the 7") slaughterhouse of frenzied thrash that takes no prisoners.  No Silence charges forward with infernal aggression in its beats and speeding, sawing riffs.  Some nice early Slayer-ish touches appear in the riffs but a more modern comparison would probably be Deathhammer, but not as wild.  When the track slows to some midtempo, grooves and melodic accents you can hear some speed metal woven into the song.  A drum roll and the rhythmic main riff of the title track reminds me of a faster version of Fearless era Deceased.  The vocals are a little rawer on this track and add to the demonic intensity of the composition. A diabolical, slow groove emerges like some sort of prehistoric beast.  Then a blackened blast erupts and scalds your flesh.  Vicious Rite kicks in with a driving thrash riff that flows into some more blackened segments and a deathly style floods into the songwriting.  The drums pick up their pace to inhuman levels and an old Swedish style rhythm is melded into the thrash holocaust that is occurring.  A traditional, chugging thrash breakdown occurs and moves us to the end of the song and it's accompanied by a brooding guitar solo.  Demonic Might is a bonus track for the tape version of the EP and it begins with a sinister, midtempo march that crushes you beneath its boots before spitting forth some bestial, sawing riffs and rapid-fire drumming.  The dizzying guitar melee that follows bounces between hyper speed and catchy riffs.  A fiery guitar solo scorches all eardrums and the song drifts back towards mid-tempo grooves.  Once again I hear references to Swedish death near the song's 3:41 mark and is carried to the track's conclusion.  Inculter carries on the tradition of rabid and unholy thrash from Norway.  This EP captures your soul and fills it with feral sin.  Get it now and thrash your bones!