Incipent Chaos


Self-Released 2014

French black metal horde, Incipient Chaos, make a strong declaration of totalitarian intent with their debut EP, Sulphur.  This 5 song release is filled with coldness and calculated inhospitality that leaves the listener shivering and filled with despair.  We Live opens these nocturnal proceedings with its icy riffs that are sharp and deadly.  Blasts of drums and destructive guitars slice through the audial fabric.  The vocals are spiteful in their own right and deal out a feral ferocity.  A rhythmic quality imbues the track despite its speed and devastating nihilism.   A slow, methodical set of riffs open Redemption By Lie.  Darkness and emotional hatred dance together as the song progresses before it explodes into frigid blasts of blasting guitar and rapid drum lines.  As the song continues on its unholy journey we can detect dissonant shards of stark guitar which rise and fall like icebergs in a desolate sea.  Slamming chords and frenzied riffs erupt out of War.Blood.Flesh like an artillery barrage.  The guitars slice into your skin like razor-wire until ultimately the careens into reckless speed.  A more measured, plodding approach is utilized on Black Hate's initial passage.  However this is quickly buried beneath waves of ferocious guitars and drums, accented by demonic vocals.  Anti-harmonic guitars seep in around the 5:32 mark and are supported by bass lines that bring to mind Ved Buens Ende.  The title-track churns and roils like a boiling sea of blackened rage.  Circular riffs swirl around in a chaotic tide of frothing drums and oppressive vocal lines.  The song slows down to accentuate the coldness of the guitars.  Incipient Chaos is going to blow your doors off with originality, but the conviction with which they ravage the listener with their aggression and intensity will definitely win over even the most intolerant listener.