Sunken Chambers of Nephilim

Obsidian Records 2010

Hailing from the land down under, Disentomb are purveyor's of equal parts technicality and brutality.  The opening, gore-drenched notes of Purity Severed By The Antediluvian you know that Disentomb mean business.  Their blueprint is laid bare before you ears as acrobatic drum lines twist and turn while thick, meaty riffs bludgeon the listener.  And all this accompanied by the deep as a well vocals of Jordan Philp.  Inhaling A Vomitous Iniquity pummels the eardrums mercilessly with brutally deep, yet monotone vocals and sawing guitars.  The bass guitar makes its welcome solo appearance in the midst of this chasm of violence before succumbing to the punishing riffs again.  A more direct and punishing approach is the order of the day on Suspended On His Symbol of Suffering.  A constant hammering demolishes my ears until a catchy and recognizable riff leaps forth from the chugging rhythm and squealing guitar harmonics.  At times I am reminded of modern Morbid Angel but with a Terrordrome twist.  The title track continues on with this formula, massive chugging riffs and rapid fire snare strikes, abruptly changing tempos.  The liberal use of these guitar squeals becomes a little taxing after awhile, but as a whole I think they fit in well with what Disentomb are trying to accomplish.  Incinerating the Angelic bounces into attack mode with a catchy stomp and a decidedly furious (though controlled) pacing that left me sweating up until the dominating groove took over. But that groove was quickly cast aside.  The lightning quick arpeggios on Gutted are a sight to behold within the context of such fermented carnage.  The constantly shifting drum lines that stop on a dime are unrelenting and when accompanied by the insistently chugging guitars, form a potent though overwhelming stew of violence.  Sunken Chambers leaves me battered and dehumanized after it's final note.  You must be a lover of over the top brutality mashed together with intense tempo shifts and punishing riffs.