Agonia Records 2013

With their sophomore effort, Greek black metallers Acrimonious are determined to violently inflict their will upon the listener.  After the beautifully somber ambient intro Nexus Aosoth, we are immediately overrun with powerful, sharp guitars and an icy disposition on Lykania Hecate.  This feeling is somewhat similar to Dissection, though musically it is very dissimilar.  The song casts out sections of blasting annihilation that have hints of atmosphere lurking at the fringes of the track.  Raging arcs of speed and astral black metal notes streak across the song structure like shooting stars before the framework collapses into a midtempo stomp replete with rolling passages and demonic negativity.  Adharma builds quickly to a fever pace with speedy drums and mildly melodic riffs that race and flow like gusts of solar wind.  The track then drops into plodding, warped riffs that accentuate the double bass drums that caress the listener's ear like a snake.  At the 4:05 mark the composition hits a break that is like a stellar pulse from void, total freezing abyss transmission that makes this song really stand out.  The drums and guitars thicken to carry this theme into full fruition.  The final minute is spiritual chanting.  Not so with the next track, Glory Crowned Son Of The Thousand Petalled Lotus.  Savage black metal riffing which accompanies a mercilessly relentless pacing.  Finally the violence crests and froths upon an atmospheric, emotional slow segment characterized by its layered vocals and melodic leads.  At the 4:53 mark though the musicians kick it up into an onslaught of speed and frigid cold.  The Sloughed Scales Of Separation utilizes a hypnotic riff/drum pattern as its main driving force.  I am pulled in and mesmerized as muted vocals feints pierce the void and melodic shades color the track.  Finally exhausted, the song springs with new life in the form of fragile, acoustic guitar.  I'll admit, this album was a slow grower for me.  At first the album seemed pretty flat and the songs are too long but in the end I was won over by the songwriting.  With Sunyata, Acrimonious falls down like a blanket of stars upon the listener.  Darkness and cold, but with an astral perspective, pulls our ears towards the eternal depths of space and spirituality.