Supernatural Addiction
Hells Headbangers

Deceased is such a great band.  They have a unique personality and excel at the art of songwriting.  They really exploded on the scene for me with Fearless Undead Machines.  Supernatural Addiction is the follow-up to that classic and though it is not as catchy or engaging, it is an album to be reckoned with on its own merits.  And now Hells Headbangers has done the world a tremendous favor by repressing this macabre album and have even tacked on the demo versions of five of the album's songs.  The album starts with a beautiful melody on The Premonition.  The song quickly shifts into some proto-thrash/death riffing accompanied by King Fowley's dramatic and gruff vocals.  Every time I hear one of those characteristic melodies I wonder how jealous the Swedish scene feels when they hear them, they seem so effortless and classy.  My favorite song is A Very Familiar Stranger which is lyrically all about a ghostly hitchhiker.  The track explodes into ravenous thrash riffage and intense speed.  Later you are confronted by a majestic melodic passage that reeks of Judas Priest in their prime.  A mournful lead and bouncy main riff propel Frozen Screams forward.  There is an air of nostalgia in the song before it drops into a total rockin' groove and some restrained soloing.  The original album finished off with the monstrous stomp and chilling anti-melody of Elly's Dementia.  The music perfectly mimics the unknowing dread of trudging through the forest, hunted by the spirit of a witch.  Later the track drifts towards riffs stretched out and amorphous, like a dream.  Then the terror returns.  Like I mentioned before, there are five demo versions of the songs that follow but for me this doesn't really add to the album and serves to be a novelty of sorts.  Supernatural Addiction is another in a long line of high quality albums from Deceased.  Though not as good as Fearless Undead Machines, It's a perfect union of death metal, traditional metal and the classic art of storytelling.