Taedium Vitae

Southern Lord 2013

Caustic hardcore from the infernal lands of Florida!  That's a quick breakdown of the massive destructive force behind the debut album from West Palm Beach's, Centuries.  The sound is abrasive, like a serrated knife, while the overall approach is sonic surgery on a murderous scale.  After the oppressive mood of the intro Incipit Tragoedia you are hit immediately by the blustery wailing of Caeruleus.  The hammering beat and insistent riffs of the song scorch you while the vocals are nothing short of rabid and acidic.  The song finishes off with free floating riffs and humming basslines.  Centuries have belted out a fiery diatribe of sonic art.  Metus utilizes a stop, drift and buzz style within its songwriting.  An ominous bass driven hum fills up the undercurrent of the track.  Pessum Ire kicks into high gear with melancholic melodic elements that make this song the highlight of the album for me.  Drum blasts and passionate, raw vocals drive home the immediacy of the track. A dark, rage-fueled emotion permeates Grave Cordibus.  An insistent beat pounds away while near-melodic riffs slice away.  A bit of crustiness can be discerned throughout the album but it is perhaps more noticeable on this song.  At the 2:03 mark a crunchy riff serves to ratchet up the tension before a series of coiled segments release into more flowing emotional sections.  Unlike its predecessor, Servisse is a driving song that hurtles forward in a linear manner.  The final track, Irrita, follows this theme of bludgeoning drums and intense melodic riffs.  The song just explodes with aggressive velocity before dropping into a bouncier, midtempo approach that carries into the humming sonic void.  This is one of the darkest and best hardcore albums I have heard this year.  Like a more melodic version of Baptists, but more hard-hitting and memorable.