Temoignages De La Genose Terrestre

Self-Released 2012

Named after a government induced famine in the Ukraine, Holodomor has no dearth of black thrashing riffs on their debut EP.  Fall Into Time unleashes a flurry of speed and aggression.  Blasting black metal riffs and Slayer-esque guitar solos leave the song scorched.  The rhythmic thrash riffs that follow continue to inflict searing pain upon the listener.  The vocals are dry rasps that scrape across your ear drums.  A miniscule Destruction guitar lick is followed by a volcanic eruption of cataclysmic speed and violence as The Spell Of Black Affliction lets fly a volley of thrashing riffs.  The song devolves into primordial disharmony and meandering strangeness before one final thrust of speed.  Tribulation Stigmata however slices and slashes through a horde of catchy thrash riffs that bounce with a martial tone and then leap with glee through the catchiest riff on the EP.  A dreamlike segment drifts into the flow of the song as the guitars become more atmospheric and the structure of the composition takes on a nebulous form.  Evoke takes on a shape that is like a cross between Mayhem and Aura Noir, dark and thrashy but filled with blackened speed and graveyard tempos.  The final track, Iconoclast is perhaps the best one on the EP as it appears to straddle a nice middle ground between Dodheims Gard and Nekromantheon.  It has very imposing riff structures and drum patterns and the vocals command your soul from the outset.  As I understand it, Holodomor has broken up which is tragic because based on this EP they had a strong future.  Their take on blackened thrash wasn't really much like other bands as it focused more on the black aspects than the thrash side of the music such as Aura Noir and their ilk.  Definitely take some time and give this slab of barbaric blasphemy your undivided attention.