Nuclear War Now 2013

I was entranced by their debut MLP, but the new full length from Canada's doom overlords, Cauchemar endears them to my heart even more.  With stronger songs and a more emboldened sound they have become an unstoppable force.  Right from the opening notes of D'Encre Et De Sang you feel a more forceful and powerful band lurking behind those riffs.  Annick's vocals sound so mature and full of depth, confident beyond her years.  Le Feu Du Soleil is a darker, more brooding song with its old school riffs and classic metal tone.  Traditional metal licks lurk around every corner as is evidenced by the guitarwork at the 3:11 mark.  The track drops back into a domineering riff that is instills a sense of dread in the listener.  An almost melodic, indie rock set of notes open Salamandre, before it kicks into high gear with NWOBHM riffs and steadfast, yet reserved vocal lines.  You get a real sense of age and musical wisdom in the songwriting on Salamandre.  A hammering beat and an old school set of riffs fill the L'Appel with darkness.  A somewhat monotone approach crests with delicious hooks and a traditional metal injection.  My favorite track though is Le Fantome.  The main riff is so driving and insistent that it cannot be ignored as it hurtles towards oblivion.  It's like a sped up Sabbath riff and powerful vocals that lead into a gripping chorus.  The way Annick delivers the song's title during the chorus is so smooth and perfectly sets up the plodding middle of the track.  The chain and buried vocals are quite haunting but then the track kick starts the adrenaline as it erupts into the main riff.  The song is sooooo insanely infectious it has to be heard to be believed!  Trois Mondes gravitates to a more traditional doom riff as its foundation.  Annick adopts a more monotone and ghostly approach to her vocals while the songs trudges its way ahead.  The organ synth is a genius touch to the track.  The title-track bring the album to a close.  It is acoustic guitar and Annick's haunting vocals accented by a ritual chime.  The guitar line somehow reminds me of the acoustic portions of the title-track from Satyricon's Dark Medievil Times.  Cauchemar is really establishing themselves as one of the most credible bands in the underground due to their sincerity and strong songwriting.  Tenebrario is ethereal and cavernous at the same time.  The spiritual admiration for the old metal scene is profound and you can hear the living, breathing echoes of early metal throughout the album.  Cauchemar, Doom on!!!