Black Tears Of Death 2012

On their debut album, these Italian doom-laden metallers take a harsher approach to the style, twist it and then unfurl some elegant and formal death-doom.  After an extended intro of horror soundtrack organ music and varied vocal techniques, the meat of the album is revealed on The Seven Angels.  Powerful, crushing riffs and an undercurrent of forlorn melodies plod onward in a march of gloom.  A more forceful and faster approach can be witnessed as the song progresses, but then collapses upon itself to reveal in a manner that exposes deathier riffing and even some thrash foundations.  At the 8:04 mark the track drops into more organ synth and deep, spoken vocals that add a slight sense of dread.  From there we are drawn back into a slow, chugging, plod that trudges mercilessly onward.  Next we move into Wormwood Star, doomy riffs and deathly bursts follow in quick succession during the opening passage of the song.  The Fifth Angel utilizes upward arching riffs and angelic vocals to surge forward and then follows that with a staggered melodic passage that draws out perhaps the most melancholic moments of the album.  I hear elements of early My Dying Bride woven into the fabric of what is being accomplished within the songwriting.  Long, thoughtful moments and repetitive plodding with dismal rays of light casting pale light upon the soundscape of the song.  The clean guitar that opens the Rash Agitators Of Darkness immediately calls to mind Gehenna's Angel Wings and Raven Claws and then the track moves away towards darker vistas.  The flourish of acoustic guitar is a piece of sheer beauty which is then swallowed by angry guitars brimming with negativity.  There are a couple of drawbacks on the album which for me seems overly long.  Also there is a slight mechanical feel to the compositions.  Negatron is necro-doom which succeeds on some levels and is not as successful on others.  Their debut manages to unite doom and death into a hardened alloy of crushing destruction, but the forlorn aspect of the music is not as present as I would like.  The closest comparison I can make to another artist is perhaps the old NY band Sorrow, though Negatron has a less organic feel to their music.