Testimony Of The Abominable
Black Seed Productions

Testimony Of The Abominable is hate-filled and misanthropic black metal from Spain.  Grim and imperial in its relentless assault, as I listen to this I am reminded somewhat of how I feel when I listen to Katharsis.  Thin buzzing guitars slice your flesh on Under Two Horns.  The music becomes a barbed weapon of orthodox Satanism.  The drumming is unrelenting in its frenzied fury.  Tenebrous Apparitions is instantly violent and the torrent of dense riffs and incessant drums forces all visions of light from your mind.  The track drops into some midtempo musings where shadows of clean guitar and ghostly melodic leanings are conjured by these demonic artists.  However you know that this is only a momentary respite before the hyper velocity and suffocating riffs return.  Pure black essence bleeds from every musical orifice of Transmutatio.  A disharmonic guitar opens the gateway for the grim vocals and unrepentant riffs that follow.  Savage and freezing melodies sweep across the song's foundation before malicious breaks drop into the fabric of the track like snowflakes.  The tempos vary between mind-numbingly fast to a rage-filled simmer.  Visions begins in essentially the same mode as Transmutatio ended, a forceful midtempo passage that dwells on anti-Xtian sentiment.  The closing section has a riff that is as catchy as it is diabolic.  Inframundi brings this conjuration to a close.  Ambient synth and industrial samples calm your soul after the firestorm that the six preceding songs let loose upon your soul.  Testimony of the Abominable is barbaric and heretical black metal that seethes with conviction and undeniable darkness.  In Balmog I see the sparks that will ignite into a furnace of hate glowing like blasphemous embers.