De Magia Veterum

The Divinie Antithesis

Transcendental Creations 2011

The third album from Dutch demented black metallers De Magia Veterum is upon us.  And once again it is a mentally unbalancing injection of swirling psychosis.  The Divine Antithesis is nothing short of a blueprint to madness.  It is unrelenting and intense.  Constantly shifting and swirling guitar and drum patterns fall upon the listener like a tidal wave of metallic mayhem.  Album opener Transfiguration exemplifies this creative dogma.  Fuzzed guitars and constantly cresting drums collapse upon some industrial noise and echoes of Gnaw Their Tongues arise from this frenzied assault. The Stench of Burning Wings continues with this stylistic theme of bursts of drums and whirling guitar patterns that constantly besiege the senses.  Varied and layered vocal lines constantly arc across the chaotic musical foundation.  I say chaotic, but really that is mere appearances because the songwriting is actually quite controlled and measured for a certain mental effect.  Cracks and fissures are formed within the mind due to the stream of conscious style of songwriting which permeates the entire album.  Torn Between Ruins, Faith, and the Divine ensures that you are left grasping for any sort of solid edifice in this endlessly churning sea of wild riffs and spastic drums.  De Magia Veterum is relentless in its assault upon your mental faculties.  No respite is permitted and therefore the debilitating effects are compounded.  The only result from continued listening to this album is unhinged reality.