Eagle Twin    

The Feather Tipped The Serpent's Scale

Southern Lord 2012

This is an album that exudes spiritual communion with nature.  Eagle Twin's sophomore effort slowly unfurls earthy, cyclopean riffs that sound as if the guitars are caked with mud on The Ballad of Job Cain I.  The riffs undulate with contemplative lethargy which subconsciously force your shoulders and head to sway.  The vocals are strained and grim at the same time and fit well with the organic spirituality of the music.  The guitars wail and weep as the song draws towards its climax.  The Ballad of Job Cain II picks up seamlessly and then drops into a barren period of muted guitars and shimmering cymbals.  The vocals vibrate like Nepalese monks and announce the arrival of more massive riffs that rise from the wasteland of stark instrumentation.  The drums pound and rise while the guitars grind away like cliffs against a forest.  It all drags on and becomes hypnotic, like a shaman's trance which I believe is a great overview for the effect the whole album has upon the listener.  The opening segment for Lorca (Adan) has a western twang to it that summons mild comparisons to Earth while not sounding like them.  The music conjures visions of long, rolling prairies shrouded in the stillness of winter.  As the song slogs towards its conclusion there is a southern rock vibe that permeates the composition.  Like a backwoods folk song turned into a monstrous metal mountain of riffs, Snake Hymn crushes you beneath its weight.  There is a sharp explosion of snare hits that break into feathery bass guitar and arcs of stone-hard riffs during the song's tumultuous middle passage.  The instrumental, It Came To Pass The Snakes Became Mighty Antlers is a massive wall of doomy riffs that could easily pass for Black Sabbath in origin if not for the heaping amounts of damp soil choking each note emanating from the guitar.  With The Feather Tipped The Serpent's Scale, Eagle Twin has crafted a work that is more of a thunderous dream that inspires introspective enlightenment and the soul's exploration of natural harmony rather than an album of separate tracks.