The Final Massacre
Black Tears

Total old school Swedish death metal worship from the bowels of Italy.  That's the pure essence of what Horrid is.  This disk is a compilation of sorts with 4 new unreleased studio tracks a 1998 demo and a 1996 EP.  And the music is surprisingly consistent.  So what can you expect?  For me Horrid's sound as if they came straight out of Sweden's early 90s scene.  They remind me of some of the second level bands like Excruciate and Megaslaughter.  The first track kicks out some down-tuned horror as the guitars smash your head in.  They burst forth from the intro like an uncaged animal.  Traditional Stockholm melodies flow like a river from the speakers but they surprisingly meet up with some chunky American styled brutal death metal and deep guttural vocals.  Denied Life looms like a dark shadow with its initial riffs before dropping into some Cemetery-esque melodies.  The ultra-heavy death metal vocals are paired well with the music.  With Misunderstood God the production shifts slightly because of the different recording session.  And while I am on that topic, the songwriting remains pretty consistent across all three recording sessions despite the passage of time between each one.  As I hear this track I am reminded of Gorement or perhaps God Macabre because of the guitar tone of the demonic vocals.  The riffs have that typical Sunlight studio crunch while muddy melodies further imbue the song with dismal atmosphere.  The melody that introduces The Prophecy is sooo familiar but I can't quite place it.  Supreme Swedish death metal echoes from my speaker.  I still have a hard time reminding myself that Horrid are from Italy.  Horrid have taken the Stockholm blue-print for death metal and added some individual touches of added gore-drenched brutality for a brand of heaviness that is familiar yet still manages to stay powerful and memorable.  The Final Massacre will crush you with the weight of its riffs all the while entrancing you with its catchy and dark melodies.