The Healing Powers Of Hate

Broken Music 2013

Montreal's deathrashing metalcore enthusiasts, BornBroken, deliver the goods on their debut album.  Can't Quiet The Riot utilizes a two-pronged attack, alternating between chugging grooves and faster guitar-based beatdowns.  I'll admit I am not normally a fan of this method but I really find BornBroken's execution and songwriting to be gripping.  That massive groove that hits immediately and repeats at the 2:46 mark is really catchy and has my head banging.  There are definite hints of modern hardcore (think Hatebreed) lurking in BornBroken's style as well.  The next track, Old News, sprints into a melodic thrash segment before dropping into metalcore-ish breakdowns.  Sometimes I find the drums a bit too in your face with their clarity and level in the mix, but that's minor.  Anger Of The Day displays a penchant for galloping modern Slayer riffage coupled with meaty breakdowns and some Pantera-ish groove as well other recent thrash dynamics.  The bass guitar line that drops into that muscular groove just screams Pantera.  I am far from being a Pantera fan but somehow it works for me in this framework.  The track Control has a super hooky melodic line that rides over a thicker groove.  It really fills my body with warmth while also making my blood boil.  This echoes with a bit of Gothenburg stylistic trappings without going overboard.  It really is a tasty riff.  It Has Begun though is one of the few songs where the disparate styles really lets me down and I am reminded of why I don't like the individual influences that make up the whole.  Luckily Birth Of The Broken redeems the failings of the previous track.  The bass guitar sets the tone before contorting into a melodic wave of anger and midtempo grooves.  The stomping breakdown at the song's core is a nice touch too.  The Slayer influence is felt again on Reborn From Ashes though there is a melodic shade riding the tail end of the main riff which adds a bit of personality to the song.  BornBroken's debut takes a lot of pieces that I would normally disdain, yet somehow manages to grab my interest and hold it.  It really has to be the songwriting and energy of the band that holds me and won't let go.  Now if we could rough up the edges of the production a bit I think it would be an even deadlier assault!