The Inner Dementia

Thrashing Madness 2012

It seems like there is a bottomless well of undiscovered Polish thrash bands from the 80s and 90s and Thrashing Madness is bound and determined to bring them all back to light to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting public.  The latest example is the strange and surreal thrash of Hektor!  The Inner Dimentia gets started in a traditional manner as All The Ways People Lie pulverizes my chest cavity with a hammering beat and a thick, ultra-ropey bass guitar.  Then the speed kicks in and you are confronted with rapid fire riffs and drums that spurt death like a machinegun.  A somewhat necro throb announces Escape Into Oblivion.  The guitar is really sinister sounding but it fades towards a dreamy, stream-of-conscious passage where the listener flows between different soundscapes.  We finally land in a realm of shredding thrash and gruff vocals.  All hells breaks loose as Back To Primitive explodes upon the scene.  That track slows to a midtempo groove before shifting into the same face-ripping segment from the start of the composition.  The injection of female vocals in the middle of the song and the following guitar solo seem a little awkward.  The song structures and vocal patterns/styles become more adventurous from here on out, starting with War-Monger.  Total technical time and tempo changes leave my mind spinning, but it is a hard listen and not a smooth transition.  I hear hints of Voivod but in a less cohesive fashion and the vocals hit clear ranges that somewhat bewildering.  Morbid Apathy attacks with a blasting riff segment and maintains the momentum through most of the song and is only offset by bizarre vocal accents.  Thrashing Madness added 4 bonus tracks to the end of the album which are remixes of several of the tracks from the album.  The sound has been sharpened up and sounds much clearer.  Hektor to me is a band that was seeking to be different but wasn't exactly sure how so some of their ideas seem half-formed and like I stated before, awkward.  However when they are focusing on their core elements of blistering thrash they are truly merciless.  The Inner Dementia is an interesting journey but it is not something I would find myself listening to on a regular basis.