Hordes of Decay     

The Kings Will Be Ready
Grom Records

A furious black metal assault straight from the Hellenic battlegrounds of Greece.  The King Will Be Ready is the debut featuring extreme artists from Ravencult and Profane Prayer.  The intro is a strange, disorienting affair that has a twisted carnival feel to the main melody.  Then the real onslaught begins with Purification by Unearthly Forces.  A snappy drum and intense pacing explode like a bomb as the track gets underway.  Constant riff and tempo changes strip the footing from beneath the you as you are pulverized by hammering drums and razor sharp guitar work.  The barbarity of the music borders on death metal, but the soul of the songwriting is pitch-black.  A catchy, thrash riff opens Humanity's Last Stand and the galloping drum line serves to propel the song forward while keeping you within its demonic grip.  Some Dissection-ish disharmonic accents shift across the top of the mid-tempo middle segment.  The title-track is a speedy affair that has a certain thrash quality with hints of Gothenburg near melodies buried amidst the aggression.  Blasts of pure blackness end with chugging death and stop-start chaos.  A somber melody brings the track to its conclusion and we achieve a moment of clarity.  Insane, hammering speed, somewhat like a more cacophonous Marduk, is experienced during the initial salvo of I Belong To The Other Side.  A demonic stomp carries the song towards a period of meandering songwriting.  This creates a short period where you can catch your breath and reflect before another explosion of violence is unleashed.  Hordes Of Decay break free from the chains of stereotypical Hellenic black metal and instead bear a lot more in common with the malevolent speed of their Swedish peers.  However, their songwriting appears to be quite a bit more complex.  This album drowns you in a sea of diabolical riffs and manically hellish tempo changes.  After your ears are scorched closed by Dissolved In Insanity, you will know I speak the truth.