The Valley of Cut Tongues
Daemon Worship Productions

Russia's goliath of death metal, Odem return with an aural annihilation on their new mini-album, The Valley Of Cut Tongues.  Sharp, tight riffs and insane blasting savagely assault you on Nails As The Weapon Of Hatred.  Chugging guitars explode into some of the most intense blast sections I have ever heard.  Then slower, atmospheric disharmony weaves its way into the fabric of the song only to be swept away by a hyper-speed passage.  A monstrous dirge penetrates the soundscape only to be confronted by bursts of chaotic drumming.  Cult Of Flesh churns and flies at you with frenzied gales of murderous drums and whirling guitar.  Deep, brutal vocals hit during some low-end riffs but are burnt away by barbaric doses of speed.  Chilling guitar soloing washes up against dour, atmospheric segments.  Morbid Angel influenced rhythms are overtaken by a set of frantic beats.  Heating Catalepsy, despite its speed has an almost floating lightness to the initial riffs in the song.  However this does not mean in any way that they are less brutal.  You will be decimated by their relentless destruction.  Odem is executing at an insane velocity yet still are able to turn on a dime.  The final of the four tracks is Satanskin with its marriage of Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel-ish styles.  Chunky death metal interspersed with those thick rhythms.  At around the 1:20 mark a tidal wave of carnage hits quickly then delves into guitar noodling of a discordant nature.  The Valley Of Cut Tongues is a flurry of speed and destructive riffs that leave nothing but smoking craters where all worshippers of the white light once stood.  Their art is one of unholy darkness and philosophical violence.