They Will Be Done On Earth As Is Done In Hell

Bleak Art Records 2010

The debut album from a horde of Canadians called Artep is a snarling beast of symphonic and blasting black metal.  After a somewhat typical intro of synths and hissing cymbals comes Antichrist which alternates between blasting black metal and psychotic keyboards.  Varied vocals styles add to the schizophrenic feel of the album.  Sometimes the vocals are deeper gurgles and at other times scratching sonic shrieks.  Up next is Eruption which explodes into hyper-intense drums and thin guitars.  Melodic leads increase the dramatic movement of the song and clean guitar and a mournful violin accompany grim vocals at the 3:48 mark.  Sweeping synths and a relaxed beat create an aura of mysticism as Desolate Land begins, but this is quickly swallowed by shredding fretwork and rapid-fire drums.  A rhythmic death metal intensity lies beneath the surface of Desolate Land.  After some powerful guitar theatrics make an initial stab on Crossing the Archeron fiery Nordic sounding riffs scald the listener.  The song drops into a bizarre synth section that seems strangely out of place and halts the momentum of the track.  And that is one of the conundrums of Artep, the music is at times intense while at others atmospheric and musically challenging, like two styles fighting for control of Artep's creative soul.  A thin guitar melody and a parallel synth line dance over the stormy and engaging beginning of Armageddon.  The track then drops into some chugging death metal and stark keyboard drenched passages.  The production on this album could use a better mix, the guitars are thin and the drums sound hollow while the vocals are loud and powerful.  The production on the drums is so bad that they actually sound mechanical at times.  Artep's debut is an amalgam of blasting black metal in the vein of Marduk and symphonic elements similar to Enthrone era Dimmu.  Only Artep is wilder and more bestial, though much less cohesive in their songwriting.