Bog Of The Infidel   

To Corrupt Your Sons And Lust After Your Daughters

Eternal Death 2013

American black metal hellions Bog Of The Infidel have crafted an EP of penetrating darkness with their new release.  An acoustic intro sets the mood of the EP and brings to mind comparable moments of stillness on Dissection's Somberlain album.  Chilling guitar riffs with a melodic bend to them rise out of the mists on Burnt Offerings.  The vocals are deeper and more deathly than many of Bog Of The Infidel's peers.  The intricate but subtle fingerwork at the 1:27 mark perfect sets up the blasting segment that follows.  There are melodic and atmospheric aspects of the songwriting here that bring to mind Dissection's Storm Of The Lightsbane, especially when the song slows and the guitar solo bleeds its way across the track.  A brooding pace and initial riff collapse into melodic undulations on As Satan's Pale Serpent Eye Waxes Full.  A freezing blast of hyper metallic riffing strikes and then reverts into a flowing midtempo passage.  The overall tempo picks up after another blast and I detect similarities to Immortal but with a more Swedish feel to the style.  Icy clean guitar swells as To The Lurker Sold begins.  More Swedish influences are present during the razor-sharp riffs that cut through the deathly soundscape as the song continues.  The drums roll and blast away while the riffs heave and sway over them before dropping into a double bass-heavy midtempo segment.  Then the pace quickens and a flurry of melodic riffs swirl into a chaotic maelstrom.  Bog Of The Infidel is quite a satisfying discovery.  A wintery mood is cast upon the entire fabric of the EP and there is a distinct European flavor to the songwriting which brings to mind some of the early/mid 90s black metal from the Swedish scene with shades from other styles.  Quite a worthwhile slap of freezing darkness.