Destroyer 666

To the Devil His Due

Hell's Headbangers 2011

Australia's lords of throwback satanic metal need no introduction!  To the Devil His Due is a collection of their 7" tracks compiled in one locale for all you rabid thrashers!  And what a collection it is!  Opening with the thrashing mastery of Satanic Speed Metal, the song hits with catchy traditional metal riffage and raw vocals that absolutely flay the flesh from skin!  The Sirens Call is a little more straightforward with its pounding beat and blackened riffing that collapses into some thick Hellhammerisms.  Up next is the menacing black metal crawl of King of Kings.  The further you get into the song you get the feeling it is on the verge of exploding, yet somehow it maintains control.  The same cannot be said of Lord of the Wild, with its mesmerizing melodic main riff and the string strangulation solo at the 2 minute mark.  In some ways the song reminds me of Pentagram era Gorgoroth.  Total Kreator-ish eruption on Ghost Dance.  But then the song strikes out into left field with a melodic and haunting black metal riff.  Simply amazing.  Whereas Taste the Poison blasts you in the face with a shotgun of speedy black metal aggression.  Complete raw sawing riffs, a little reminiscent of Bathory spray from the speaker on Through The Broken Pentagram.  The layered vocals on the chorus add a gothic chill to the track.  A little more tyrannical in its insistent approach and recurring martial beat to start out the track is See You in Hell.  A very Venom-ish feel to the track.  If you have ever failed to see the magic that is Destroyer 666 then this compilation of classic tracks from the band will certainly serve to enlighten your desiccated mind.  Prepare to be bewildered by the diversity and strength of the material on display from this vengeful powerhouse of underground metal.