Trapped In A Nightmare  

Self Released 2014

Polish thrash minions, Repulsor unleash their debut of bay area influenced trash upon the unsuspecting masses.  And it is a serial killer of meaty thrash riffs and scathing vocals.  Toxic Tomorrow speeds out of the gate with a sharply slicing main riff that brings to mind some of the Teutonic scene's premiere acts.  Melodic accents skirt the frenzied riffing that saws right through your skull.  The track then drops into a manly mid-tempo stomp before flying off again with a fiery solo.  The downward swooping guitar passage that opens RMHD sets the stage for the song until it lets loose a flurry of Exodus-ish blasts.  A beefy, Metallica-esque segment dominates the song's innards before once again shifting towards speedy violence.  The Summoning is a tranquil instrumental of acoustic guitar that brings to mind Practice era Testament.  Really good stuff.  This contrasts sharply with the explosion of thrash violence on To The Coven!  Razor-sharp drum breaks and deadly riffs combine to strike hard at your heart as the track gets underway.  The song collapses into bouts of gritty, humming guitar work that slashes open wounds on your body.  The final track, Stained Heritage, is a slowly building artillery barrage of melodic surgery and muscular riffage.  Bouncy riffs and hammering grooves populate the foundation of this track.  More Metallica-esque influences bubble to the surface during this track.  And I mean this in a good way.  I am not a big fan of Metallica but this here is done really well.  Repulsor's debut EP strikes the right balance of dirty aggression and old school bay area thrash in its prime.  Do yourself a favor and get this well-executed platter of thrashing sadism!