Troisieme Guerre 

Cold Raw Records 2014

French melodic black metallers Aksaya deliver their debut four-song EP.  Catch melodic riffs couple with blasting segments define Aksaya stylistically.  This is evident from the album's opener, Post Little Boy.  Melodic riffs that remind me of older Swedish bands like In Flames and Dark Tranquillity join blackened blasts.  The middle of the song has a more epic feel to it with longer, drifting melodic passages.  Sorrow-tainted melodic phrasing greets you as Combattants gets underway.  Gruffer, triumphant segments rise and fall, while flowing guitars surge and crest during the song.  At times though it seems a little jumbled together and doesn't flow smoothly.  Prisonnier brings to mind some older material, especially in the vocals.  There is a serious bit of nostalgia and darkness present in this track.  The melodies have an upward arc yet are clouded with a sense of maliciousness.  The guitars seem thick and organic, however I get an underground ceremonial vibe from the track.  The final track, Brise Tes Chaines is perhaps the most dangerous and harsh on the EP.  Violent pacing and hammering drums are mated with meatier rhythms creating a tyrannical tone for the track.  Aksaya's first EP is interesting as a whole but there are definite areas for improvement.  The execution of the instrumentation is a little loose, somewhat similar to how the first Rotting Christ was borderline sloppy.  Some of the sewing together of sections is a little awkward and I think the songwriting needs to improve a bit more for their next album.