Unsilent Death

Southern Lord 2010

California has kept hidden this malicious onslaught of crusty grind in the form of Nails.  Their debut album Unsilent Death is a relentlessly fast and claustrophobic experience in punishment that lies somewhere between Repulsion and Uncurbed.  Conform gets the tyrannical clubbing underway with its insane pacing and filthy thick guitars.  It flows seamlessly into Scum Will Rise with its fat bass guitar and sludgy riffs that are played at warp speed and then slowed down into an ashen quagmire to bring the track to a close.  Before you have even had time to take a breath, Suffering Soul is upon you with a Carcass guitar crunch and a lurching beat.  Squealing guitars and death n Roll riffs continually bludgeon your chest toward the song's core.  Traitor combines Swedish down-tuning and bursts of blast beats that create an aura of dark and morbid mystery within a sea of flailing fists.  Depths is the album's final salvo and starts off far moodier than the rest of the album.  That is until, the pace quickens and the dirty guitars begin their savage sawing.  Down-tuned riffs reverberate while harmonic squeals stab at your ears as the track and the album draw to a close.  Unsilent Death is over within less than 14 minutes but your body is battered and crushed, soaked with industrial sludge and ash.  With their debut, Nails leaves you exhausted and bewildered by their ferocious display of devastating anger and energy.