Die Toten Kehren Wieder Mit Dem Wind

Verarbeitung Eines Schmerzes

None Shall Defy Records 2011

Originally released in 2004, you can now bear witness to the embryonic roots of one of Germany's most melancholic and misanthropic entities, Die Toten Kehren Wieder Mit Dem Wind.  None Shall Defy has reissued this release on limited tape only.  Showing the Burzum-ic foundation within their music DTKWMDW initiate proceedings with the brooding Sonnenfinsternis.  Menacing riffs with cold, mournful shreiks from Bradhenr's throat add to the desolate black metal pounding issued by the track.  The track has a very raw and primitive vibe and you can see DTKWMDW incorporating some of the melodic elements that will be so prominent on later material.  Picking up the pace and adding a layer of chilling synth to the freezing mix is Als Ich Die Erde Zerbrach.  The song is mostly straight ahead black metal with a hammering drum machine, but the song often breaks into atmospheric passages accompanied by synth.  The real magic happens on Nimmer Geboren Zu Sein.  The main riff is a soft, rhythmic near-melody that is brimming with sorrow which creates a hypnotic effect.  A melodic guitar soars over the top and fills the track with tearful sadness.  It's as if the sun is rising on a the corpse of your loved one.  Glasuniversum might be the most Burzum-ish track on the album.  Fuzzed guitars and ancient riffs billow out into a rhythmic structure that brings to mind Brave Murder Day era Katatonia.  The structure then falls apart as the track stumbles and plods along.  The song moves into more primitive riffing that flows like an upwelling of darkness.  The final track, Verloschenheit is an instrumental that utilizes calm, yet cold synths to create and ancient and solemn mood.  Verarbeitung Eines Schmerzes, though good for what it is, is not as refined stylistically as the newer releases from DTKWMDW.  And as such the songs do not make as strong an emotional impact on me.  However, I find this an interesting reference for fans of the band and is a solid album in its own right.  Definitely worth your money, time and dedication.