Morbid Vision

Visions Of The Morbid Rites / Demonstration Of Force 

Thrashing Madness 2014 (originally release 92/91)

I am surprised, I never heard of these Polish maniacs back in the day because this is solid death metal with hints of thrash.  Thrashing Madness did the underground a service and compiled both of their demos onto one CD.  Today it sounds a bit nostalgic and definitely reeks of the past, but that is a good thing when so many of today's artists sound sterile.  Tracks 1 - 12 are the Morbid Rites demo from 1992.  I am at times reminded of early Loudblast with its crunchy riffs and gruff, guttural vocals.  After a subterranean initial passage a blast opens up only to slide back to midtempo grooves on Into The Mirror.  The bass line that opens Morbid Vision ushers in a period of zombified lurching riffs before an uptempo set of undulating guitar passages.  The World Beyond is an explosion of destruction as it bashes away with bone-hard chords.  A slow, swaying Morbid Angel-esque riff surfaces towards the song's midsection.  Thanatophobia saws through damp flesh with its speedy guitars and ghoulish vocals.  Tracks 13 - 19 are from the Demonstration Of Force demo from 1991.  All the tracks on here also are redone on the Morbid Rites demo except for two, Incendiary's Pleasure and Ke?.  As can be expected the songs are slightly rawer and looser in their execution.  Incendiary's Pleasure flows in an uneven way, almost like the music is stumbling and disoriented, then it gains speed and streamlines its ravenous assault on your eardrums.  Ke? is sort of an avalanche of noise that acts as an outro.  There is definitely a sense of morbid brutality that pervades the rotting production and guitar tones of these recordings.  If you like French styled death metal from the early 90s with shades of Swedish morbidity then you will certainly embrace Morbid Vision.  This is yet another lost Polish gem that Trashing Madness has brought to light.